Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Synnøves Et Dukkehjem: More details from the bedroom, after sunrise!

Synnøves Et Dukkehjem: More details from the bedroom, after sunrise!

Hi Your room is beautiful. I love the way you decorated the cabinet too. The display of items makes me feel it is a room of a collector.. and I also love your wallpaper choice too.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Laurel Doll's House

I wanted to share some pictures of the new doll's house. I have so many ideas I'd like to try out and the Laurel seemed perfect for my first attempt.
The window boxes are going to be fun making flowers for.
I decided to use paint instead of doing brick or siding.
My grandaughter April, who just turned three a few days ago, has been so excited too. She's always right there as soon as I start to work on it, offering her help with the "dolly houch", as she calls it. :)

I thought of doing the main part green, and was lucky enough to find some in the boo boos section for only two could I resist such a bargin for good quality paint? It's closer to an olive than what appears in these photos.

I like that this house will have a bay window.

This top pic was the first coat of paint on the railings. It's a light taupe, again a boo boo. Yep! I was realy realy lucky!!!

Notice the painted stir stix at the top of this last photo? April painted them while I was working on the second coat of the railings. She did a great job of it, too! Just how I will put them to use I have no idea yet..any suggestions for uses of paint stix? hmm..Furniture perhaps?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tongue in Cheek: French Antiques

Hi Everyone...I'm Back to feeling better than I had been in a long while now, and finally found some pain medication that works, yet leaves me somewhat OH MY! 'Twas a journey, let me say.. I felt bad not being able to be on line for so long, and the few moments when I did feel up to browsing for a few minutes here and there, was never coherent enough to really post anything legible. I did find it's no wonder I've been hurting, is from five slipped disks in my back, as well as the osteo. It's perhaps not the greatest of news to hear, but I am relieved to have a reason figured out why my body is moving so much slower than my mind

Good news! I just bought my first dolls house to work on last week. It's the Laurel from Corona Concepts. I picked it up at the dolls house store here in Toronto. I'm soooo excited to finally start working on a dolls house of my own. Well, this dolls house wil probably end up for my grandaughter, April, who just turned three this past Monday. April's about as exited as me, I think. April has had great fun with me already and calls it the "the dolly houch" if you're like me even in the least, I'm sure that made ya April and I have already taken out the dollies and played together quite often..she's gaining quite the vocabulary over it all, and is a real treat just as much for me.. ok, maybe more for me...;)

I was lost in this site for some time and thought I would add the link on my page. It was also due to my poor memory, that I just wanted to make sure I can find my way back when I need another fix ;) Pop on over sometime when you have a moment. I'm sure you'll find it as inspiring as I do :)

Tongue in Cheek: French Antiques

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