Sunday, March 29, 2009

The start of a miniatures collection

Some of these miniatures were bought from E Bay and some I've made myself. I hope you don't mind the glares and darkness of these pictures. There is no light inside the cabinet yet.

This table top was part of a "kit bash" and legs are match sticks carved near the bottom. The mouse tea pot was made while following Christel Jensen's You tube tutorial. The bunny pot was my attempt of an original. Though I didn't realize until after I baked the fimo, I forgot the eyes..opps! I have not painted either of them. But, I prefer them white.

I made this love seat out of cardstock, gesso and lace. It is still a work in progress as it needs some fabric. I was inspired to make it from a tutorial on Lea Frisoni's Blog: un jour a la campagne.

The table was also made from cardstock with a decopauged print of an aubuson carpet. The legs are card stock with gesso and gold paint. The candlestick I bought, while the figurine was a first attempt at something so small.

This was my first attempt at making a picture frame, while getting a feel for the clay and testing baking tempts. It probably would look better if I had of made it flat.

This was my first doll purchased. Her name is Karianne. I fell in love as soon as I saw her holding a violin.
The cabinet is still a work in progress, and nothing is displayed how I would like it yet.

This is Delia the housekeeper. I think I caught her by surprise as she was taking a break from dusting. But Delia? Where is your duster! I guess I'll have to make you one.

This is Claire and her husband, William who just gave her some roses. What a thoughtful gentleman! Does she look pleased or just curious as to why she got them? ...hummm I never noticed until now. She seems to be smerking! :0

William looks like he might be a shop keeper which will be a future project. I'm kind of thinking general store perhaps?