Sunday, February 8, 2009

Play Per View

Welcome. It's so nice that you've dropped by.
I guess it would help to begin my blog by sharing a bit about myself.
I've really only become aware of the miniature world a very short while. Yet, I've been amazed by the wonderful creativity of so many talented artisans that I've been discovering and have most certainly been totally captivated time and again. So much so, that lately that's pretty much all I think about..almost anyways.
Currently, I am on sick leave from work. I had been working as a nurse for twenty seven total care patients, full time on night shift. This job unfortunately, has left me with considerable damage to my back, left hip and knee. From x-ray and MRI results, my doctor said only by surgery -in each area- I "might possibly find some relief." Many of the patients have been a two- person assignment for any other shift, but nights. I never understood how my employer -a world leader in Elder Care- could expect anyone alone attend this number of patients..But anyway... This blogging is not about that...
I'm glad to share, however, when I focus my attention on the world of minis, it is helping a great deal.

My journey to the miniature world began with a few Ebay purchases, that have quickly become priority in the old china cabinet that once belonged to my Great Aunt Hilda. I've decided to make some alterations to the cabinet, as one of my starter projects. There are only two shelves to the cabinet at the moment, but my son has offered to change that for me. yeah!!
The cabinet is also very dark...and so.. I will also need to think about some lighting. Any tips or suggestions you may have will sure be greatly appreciated.
The cabinet being very old, and roughed up even prior to receiving it, could also use a good refinishing. The fact that it's an old china cabinet, obviously excludes it from being an actual "dolls house" and I believe it will take some time to get it even half way decent. But I do imagine it has great potential in the making.
I would also like to try my hands at building room boxes and an actual dolls house, along with the wee furniture, items and dolls of various ages to go in them. I realize there is a lot for me to learn on the art of such creations though. I have already joined a few online groups to help me get started. Conversions, measuring, cutting, etc...there's a lot indeed to cover! whew! But I'm certainly willing to learn. All advice or tips will be greatly appreciated.

Try as I have, taking decent pictures will also have to be on my list of to do's. I seem to be having trouble getting clear images, and still need to learn how to transfer them onto this blog...But promise to get a handle on that asap!
I named this post Play Per View, as you just might agree.. It is impossible not to be inspired by all the wonderful pictures of mini creations others have been so graciously sharing in their blogs. I thank you emensely!